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by | Sep 22, 2016 | Blog



Every company is different. No CEO or President will agree that a certain company culture reigns supreme to the rest. That being said, the culture that surrounds your business actually holds a monetary value. How your employees interact with each other, their ability to communicate effectively directly translates into your business’ relationship with clients. If your business lacks a defining personality and has less than excellent interpersonal relations, it may be time to reassess the effort you are putting into your company’s culture. Don’t panic quite yet, we’ve summed up 5 expert tips to take your company culture from hum-ho to chipper in no time at all.

1. Learn From The Past
The best way to begin establishing a collaborative culture in your company is to look over problems your employees have come across in the past. Establishing a foundation of trust between employees is essential to developing a culture. Walk through your employment history. What workplaces did it right? What were the interactions and relationships like? How did they make you feel valued and unique? Which companies did not? What can you incorporate or avoid to improve morale within your business?

2. Stay True To Yourself
Analyze your team. What values have you established that have really taken off and benefited the entire team? What attributes do your employees exude? It’s essential to use your businesses’ quirks and qualities to your advantage. Noting these and building off them will undoubtedly produce spectacular results and help your business become the best it can be.
3. It Starts At The Top
At its core, company culture begins with the executives. If a boss has a respectful, supportive relationship with his/her subordinate, a company is much more likely to thrive. If you give your employees something to gossip about time and time again, you may find a mutiny on your hands. Be sure you are empowering your staff and acting as a resource. Setting an example makes a huge difference in the boardroom as well as the break room.
4. Motivate Your Team
Give your team something to get excited about. Once a month, designate an afternoon in the office to team building. Bring in a catered lunch, video games or head to the beach and go rock climbing, like we do here at REP. This half-day holiday is a ritual REP has historically put into practice. Giving your employees a chance to step away from stress and laugh together will help not only establish a healthy collaborative culture in the workplace but improve functionality.
5. Work Hard Play Hard
A great company caters to their staff’s work/life balance. Accommodating to individual needs and interests, providing notable paid time off, and understanding family obligations is essential to keeping employees happy. Happy employees won’t only perform better, but will collaborate better as well as boost your profits.