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by | May 3, 2017 | Blog

While some advertisements sport clear connections to their product, other companies prefer to stealthily integrate their product into a more emotional narrative. Even if the aim of the video isn’t immediate brand recognition, it helps build the image of the brand with existing customers and strengthen their feelings towards the company.

Set to a new rendition of a classic Elvis Presley song, This story portrays the love between Sarah and Juan. While it is easily the most sentimental gum commercial we’ve seen, it does a good job of showcasing the brand and making Extra a central part of their story.

This next video by Japanese-brand Diane showcases just how far love will take you- Well, love and the advice of pop superstar Carly Rae Jepsen. This wild trip through a Japanese airport will leave you saying both “awe!” and “what?” Check it out below we definitely want to see what you think of this memorable and adorable commercial.

For many people, weekend fix-it projects are not associated with romance. However, Lowes decided to flip this idea on it’s head with their new long-form commercial. This three-minute love story will leave you with all the warm fuzzy feelings that you didn’t know a home improvement store could give you.

Next up is a female empowerment-driven take on a love story that is incredibly inspiring and that challenges our societal “norms” in regards to engagements. It showcases how each love story is a unique and beautiful journey and you should always follow your heart.

Bonus: Ok, so maybe you are not looking for love. Maybe you just want an attractive man to drive you around while you eat dark chocolate. Dove Chocolate gets to the heart of your desires in this new advertisement for their dark chocolate bars with this minute-long advertisement featuring a partially CGI Audrey Hepburn. While it breaks boundaries technologically, we love how it stuck to the fundamental truth- chocolate always makes the day a little better.

Showcasing the softer side of your business is always a smart choice that humanizes your company and may just leave your customers “feeling the love” for your brand.