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Bottom-of-the-Funnel: How To’s & Testimonial Videos

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Blog

You’ve engaged and informed your potential customers, and now you need them to take the next step.

Even though you’ve successfully moved them past the top and middle-of-the-funnel, they’re still not ready to pull the trigger and make a purchase. Does that mean they’re not interested?

Not at all. It means you need to inspire confidence in a purchase decision. You do this with content that addresses questions such as:

  • How does the product they’re interested in work in their unique environment?
  • How does this product integrate with existing products?

Empower a Purchase Decision

While the top and mid-funnel messages are designed to

  • Build trust
  • Communicate your brand’s unique selling proposition
  • Differentiate you from the competition

Bottom-of-the-Funnel videos are about empowering your buyers to make the right decision.

Inspire Buyer Confidence

Raymond’s Pick2Pallet video is an excellent example of this.

From past experience, Raymond knows the frequently asked questions their customers need answered before making a purchase. So they asked for videos that keeps the purchase conversation moving forward by addressing these bottom-of-the-funnel questions.

What resulted were sales enablement videos used to drive customers to purchase. This video addresses how to integrate and use unique product features to increase productivity, profitability and ROI. In doing so, Raymond;

  • Simplified the buyer’s journey
  • Empowered customers to make the right decision
  • Most importantly, inspired confidence in a purchase.
Raymond – Pick2Pallet

Complete the Buyer’s Journey

Addressing frequently asked questions before they arise is an excellent way to position your brand as superior and inspire confidence in a purchase. However, it’s not the only way.

Another great Bottom-of-the-Funnel approach are customer testimonials videos. These assets are extremely powerful when buyers are reviewing their options. They give;

  • Build trust
  • Credibility to your brand, your products and services.
  • When used strategically, can be the final piece buyers need to complete their buying journey.