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Key takeaways:

  • Your video needs a clear vision and purpose. The overarching message should never be overshadowed by fancy equipment or editing.
  • Brand identity encompasses more than just a logo and slogan. It includes brand values, voice, visual identity, promise, and the brand story. 
  • Some video techniques are better suited for specific messages and platforms. Choosing the right type depends on your brand’s story, objectives, target audience, and platform. 

Utilizing the power of brand storytelling through video is an often-underestimated art. All too frequently, companies dive headfirst into creating in-house videos without a clear vision or purpose. 

We get it; crafting a brand video is exhilarating, and it’s easy to get lost in the intricacies of the process. While fancy equipment and slick editing are important, losing sight of the video’s fundamental message results in nothing more than a beautifully wrapped package of generic B-roll footage. 

Remember: your brand deserves storytelling that embodies its essence and celebrates its uniqueness. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Brand identity basics

Brand identity is more than just a logo and a catchy slogan; it’s the essence of your business, the sum of its values, personality, and promise to your audience. It’s the emotional connection that customers forge with your company, and it plays a pivotal role in influencing their decisions.

Your brand identity is an amalgam of your company’s core elements – brand values, brand voice, visual identity (including logo and design), brand promise (what customers can expect), and brand story (narrative defining history, mission, and vision). 

Think of brand values as the compass that directs your actions so you can forge emotional bonds with your audience. Your brand voice is the linguistic fingerprint, determining whether you’ll chat like a scholar, pal, expert, or enthusiast. Visual identity is the allure – logos, colors, fonts, and design – that makes your brand instantly recognizable. 

Brand promise is a sacred pact you make with your customers, ensuring delivery of specific benefits. And your brand story is the campfire tale that weaves together the history, mission, and vision of your brand into a tapestry of personal connections with your customers.

Most effective videos for brand storytelling

Several types of videos can effectively tell a brand story, depending on the message you want to convey and the platform you plan to use. Here are some common types of brand storytelling videos:

Brand introduction video

Think of this one as the “Hi, I’m [Your Brand], and I’m here to rock your world!” video. It’s like introducing your brand to a blind date. “Hey there, we’re not just any brand, we’re the coolest, quirkiest, downright awesome-est brand out there!”

Corporate documentary

This video is like the extended director’s cut of your brand’s life story. Get ready for some dramatic music and slow-motion shots of your office supplies. “In a world… where staplers and sticky notes unite!”

Customer testimonials

Imagine your customers as your hype squad, sharing their love for your products or services. “We promise they weren’t paid in donuts to say nice things!”

Founder’s story

It’s time to put your founder in the spotlight. Show the world that your brand is run by a real, live human being with feelings and a sense of humor (we hope).

Product or service showcase

“Ta-da! Behold the magic of our product/service! It slices, it dices, it even tells dad jokes!” Showcasing your brand’s star players in action.


Ever wondered what happens when the office photocopier throws a fit? This video’s got you covered. Spoiler alert: It’s chaos!

Case studies

“The case of the missing productivity solved by [Your Brand]!” Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

Brand culture and values

“We recycle. We donate. We even compost. We’re basically environmental superheroes – with capes made from recycled paper.”

Animated videos

Time to get creative with cartoons. “Watch our brand story unfold in a world where stick figures become marketing geniuses!”

User-generated content (UGC)

Your customers become the stars of the show. “Lights, camera, action – it’s the fan-tastic edition!”

Social Media Stories and Shorts

For people who like to keep things short and sweet, these are your brand’s elevator pitches. “Swipe up if you want to be amazed in 15 seconds!”

Event recap videos

“Remember that time we threw that epic party? Yeah, we do too. Here’s the proof!”

Interactive videos

“Choose your own adventure: How [Your Brand] saved the day!” Warning: May contain multiple happy endings.

Customer journey videos

“Once upon a time, there was a problem. And then, there was [Your Brand]! The end.” (Spoiler: It’s a happy ending)

So, whether you want to go full-on Spielberg or keep it snappy like a TikTok dance challenge, there’s a brand storytelling video for every taste and style. Just remember, the key is to keep your audience engaged – and maybe sneak in a pun or two along the way.

Stellar storytelling steps

A compelling brand story video conveys your core identity and values, as well as the unique benefits that set you apart from your competitors. It’s authentic, heartfelt, and engaging, motivating viewers to take action.

Here are the four steps to tell your brand story effectively through video:

1. Set clear goals

Forget about making art for art’s sake. Marketing videos need an objective. What do you want to achieve with your production? What emotions do you aim to evoke? What actions do you want viewers to take? Every second of footage should be focused on achieving these goals.

2. Extensive research

To create an effective brand video, you need to thoroughly understand your audience – and your product. To connect with a diverse audience, consider various viewpoints and insights and be sure you understand how your product or service can address them. 

3. Visual storytelling

You want to create visuals that will resonate with your audience. Avoid clichés like your team giving a thumbs-up in front of your building. Every shot should serve a purpose and align with your company’s values.

4. Evoke emotions

 Your brand story video should inspire, instill trust, and prompt viewers to take action. Effective storytelling creates an emotional connection, conveying what your company stands for and how consumers should feel about your brand.

There’s no secret formula for crafting the perfect brand story video. The best advice is to trust your gut and create content that’s important to you. That authenticity will shine through to your audience.

How we can help

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