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Make Your Logo Come to Life: The Power of Motion Graphic Animations

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Blog


Your logo is one of your brand’s most valuable assets. It’s the first thing that consumers will think of when they hear your company’s name. In a busy, crowded marketplace, an outstanding logo helps you stand out from your competition.

Your logo also inspires pride. Your employees wear it on their sleeves and coffee mugs and tote bags. It hangs in their offices — and all of their peers’ offices. It’s a brand unifier from office to office, market to market, and — for global organizations — country to country.

You spend a lot of time, money, and energy getting your brand’s logo just right in print form. You draft extensive brand standards to make sure that the logo is uniform in all of its applications.

Surely, you don’t want something so important to appear static on a title card at the end of a commercial or corporate video?


Bringing a Logo to Life with Motion Graphics

Coldwell Banker Real Estate reinvigorated their brand with a new logo design in 2019. When it came time to implement this new logo in video content, they turned to REP Digital for help.

As a franchise brand, they wanted to make sure that there was a consistent look and feel to how their logo animated on and off in video content around the world. Beyond that, the request was open-ended: we were tasked with creating a “tool kit” of logo animations and lower third animations — first, standardized animations for the brand… and then versions of those animations that real estate brokerages around the world could customize with their own DBAs.

The first step on our end was to analyze the logo design and brand color palette. What color combinations did we have to work with? What were the most iconic elements of the logo, and what kind of movement did we envision for those elements?

Then, our Motion Graphics Artists, Creative Director, and Post-Production Supervisor got to work to create the full tool kit.

Here are a few samples that highlight what we did to give motion to a new logo… to add life to a static image… and to help define the brand’s new look and feel.


Monogram Logo: White on Blue


Framed Logo: Blue on White


Lower Third Identifiers

Do you want to energize your brand’s logo? Establish a consistent animation style for your logo to use in all of your video content? The Creative Directors, Designers, and Motion Graphics Artists at REP Digital can help. We are experts in branded video content, and know how to make a logo shine.