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Expanding the Reach of Corporate Meetings with Live Streaming

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Blog

There are many reasons — the announcement of a new product launch or rebrand, a strategy alignment, staff recognition, a town hall forum with your CEO, a quarterly financial address, etc. — to want everyone at your company to be able to view and participate in a meeting. But it’s not always practical or beneficial to travel everyone in the company to one place to be physically present together.

It can be difficult to create a seamless experience on a regular video conference call if you are cutting between multiple presenters, various PowerPoint presentations, and video clips. So what’s the best solution?

Live streaming.


Pancakes & Dollaritas & Live Streams, Oh My!

Dine Brands hosted Quarterly Team Meetings for years out of a theater down the street from their primary headquarters in Glendale, CA. At this meeting, they reviewed the financial earnings and marketing strategies of both the iHop and Applebee’s brands, discussed what worked for them in the past quarter (and what didn’t), and aligned and inspired all employees to take charge of their future success.

The meetings generally ran for an hour-and-a-half and included speeches from top executives, conversations with the CEO of Dine Brands, videos, and presentations featuring informative charts and graphs.

The information covered in these meetings had great value to Dine Brands employees beyond Glendale; the brands also had teams that needed to be in-the-know in both Kansas and North Carolina, and team members and shareholders interested in listening from across the country.

REP Digital proved to be a valuable partner over the years to connect all of those hubs together and to make everyone feel part of Dine Brands’ Quarterly Team Meetings, no matter how far apart they were.


Editing & Streaming a Virtual Event… Live!

We helped to set up the stage and cameras in that theater in Glendale for Dine Brands each quarter, and provided both handheld and lavalier microphones to the presenters on the show floor. The camera feeds were sent to a live switcher in the back of the theater, and the microphone feeds went straight into a mixing board, where an audio engineer made sure that the levels were always just right. A screen at the back of the theater played the PowerPoint presentations and video content for all of the in-person attendees; those same files were loaded into the live switcher in the back of the theater, too.

The day before the show, we made sure to have the final PowerPoint slides, video content, and final show flow downloaded, distributed to the team, and ready to go for the live event. Then, we got to the theater several hours before the show to run through a full rehearsal to make sure that all of the cues were just right.

At show time, we dimmed the lights in the theater, opened the doors, and edited the show live as it happened. Our stream was sent via both high-speed Ethernet and bonded cellular backup to a private live stream on YouTube; that link was distributed to all Dine Brands employees across the country.

Our technical support team was always on standby via text and email to make sure that any issues with access to the stream could be addressed and resolved immediately.

Any time that a new request was sent our way — figuring out how to dial in employees from other offices to ask questions, for example — we provided a solution to make it happen.

With our quarterly live streams, we successfully brought essential information to employees who otherwise would not have been able to hear it firsthand, and we helped Dine Brands to unify their remote teams.


It Doesn’t Have to Be Done In Person

Though we set up the camera and audio feeds in person in Glendale for Dine Brands, our stream team has also managed virtual events fully remotely from the comfort of our homes for clients of all sizes. We have equipment packages and instructions that we can ship to presenters and utilize a multitude of software platforms to pre-record content, assemble shows together, create branded graphics, and live edit between remote camera feeds, presentations, and pre-made video content.

REP Digital offers basic and custom live streaming event packages for any type of corporate virtual event. For more information, contact today.