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Experience the benefits of a full-service video production company

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Blog

Way back in 1994, Steve Jobs spoke to a class at MIT about his new company, NeXT. The main selling point for NeXT was its product’s ability to cut a company’s development time-to-market by 75 percent.

Jobs told the students that most companies were spending two years building software, but with the NeXTSTEP system, they could cut development time to six months. They could then iterate again and again, and again, while their competition was still working on version 1.0.

Today, this type of advantage is especially valuable in video production. Companies that can produce high-quality content rapidly will beat their slow-to-market competitors – again and again. To keep your brand top of mind, thereby giving you a competitive advantage, consider partnering with a full-service video production company. This alliance will allow your business to create high-quality videos in less time and more cost effectively.

Here are a few of the key benefits an experienced full-service video production company can offer its clients.

Reduced time-to-market

Creating, producing and finishing a quality video, one that resonates with your audience while effectively achieving your desired outcome, can be very time-consuming and expensive. While most brands continue to create and produce videos using multiple agencies and vendors, those that partner with a full-service video production company can reduce their content creation process and time-to-market by half. Scaling down the number of vendors that touch your video throughout production also makes the process less expensive.

Think about it. Developing an effective video content strategy is hard enough. Implement the intricate moving parts of video production, from creative development through production, post-production, and finishing, and now you have a very complex puzzle on your hands.

A full-service video production company can guide your organization through the process faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively. Fewer decision makers throughout the development streamlines communication, collaboration, and decision making, saving your marketing team time and energy having to manage the various stages of production across multiple vendors.

Higher overall value

The advantages of hiring a full-service video production company extend to your company’s bottom line. When you work with a single company that has the capabilities of delivering everything from creative through post-production, your company has more control over its budget.

You won’t need to hire separate vendors to handle various parts of the production such as creative, production, editing and post-production finishing. By consolidating your video production with a full-service firm, you reduce the number of markups incurred by contracting with multiple vendors and the administrative costs of identifying, hiring and managing these vendors.

An experienced, full-service video production company will work with you to understand the goals, scope, and budget for your project. They will help you determine a creative and execution strategy that best fits your needs. Superior full-service companies offer additional services such as digital asset management and project management to ensure that all your brand’s needs are taken care of from start to finish.

Increased video quality

When companies create video content, they are investing in their brand. According to 52 percent of marketers, video is the content format that generates the highest return on their investment. It can attract new leads, intensify brand awareness, as well as, build loyalty and rapport with your audience, but only if the content is worth watching. So it’s important to remember that with video production, you tend to get the quality that you pay for. The cheapest video typically is not the most cost-effective one.

Research has shown that viewers who watched a low-quality video from a brand were 62 percent more likely to have a negative perception of that brand. When you want to make a great impression, production quality matters. If your story is flimsy, your creative approach misguided or your presentation awkward or unrefined, the video may have a negative impact on your brand image.

With studies showing that viewers retain 95 percent of what they see, as opposed to just 10 percent of what they read, it’s crucial your video captures the right message and tone, one that enables your audience to really connect with your brand.


The right full-service video production company will help you create videos that produce results.
Relying on multiple vendors to create a single video is time-consuming and expensive.

At REP Digital, we bring video content to the market faster and more cost-effectively by removing the middlemen and providing everything from creative through post-production.

Our bicoastal team is passionate about partnering with brands to tell stories about their products, services and people through video. Contact us to learn how our full-service approach can help your company get more out of your video marketing budget.