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by | Apr 21, 2017 | Blog


The best business presentations always tell a story. Not only because it keeps the client engaged but because it boosts comprehension when there is a clear beginning, middle and end of the presentation. This helps the client follow your thought process. Before you begin, know that the recommended time length for a presentation under 9 or 10 minutes. It leaves just enough time to get through your key points without unneeded repetition. Ensure that your speaking points are concise and consistent.

Be a storyteller. Set up a conflict that needs to be resolved, and then provide the solution. Focus on the company’s previous success as well as innovative, future-oriented ideas. Using a beginning, middle and end structure makes for a memorable and easy-to-follow presentation. Introduce your vision during the “middle” part and demonstrate how it can revolutionize your client.

Key performance indicators are important as they provide constructive feedback as well as a framework for the client to follow. It opens up the opportunity to propose improvements within the next quarter.

Avoid turning your presentation into a history lesson. Reflecting on the past too much can be tedious for the client, so focusing at least half of the review on future remedies is a great way to avoid this and get the client looking forward to future opportunities.

Context is key. Connecting the past with the future and every point in between is essential in a presentation. When honing in on gritty details, be sure to guide the client back towards the big picture in the end.

When presenting to a client, tailoring the entire occasion to them not only lets them know that you value their time and energy, but also gives you a better shot at client retention. Honing in on these key tips will make your data compelling and presentation successful.