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Providing Peace of Mind to Clients During Live Streaming Events

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Blog

Last fall, Joy Experience — a global event company based in Phoenix, San Diego, and Tokyo — reached out to REP Digital with a request: they had produced a full three-and-a-half-hour-long video conference for one of their corporate telecommunication clients and wanted to live stream that virtual event to viewers all across the United States via Microsoft Teams. The content was well-produced and engaging: there were informative keynote speeches, dialogues, graphics, and even a musical performance built into the show.

But they didn’t want to run the risk of streaming the content themselves. Before coming to us, they played out a few different scenarios on their end: what if their Internet went down? What if the computer that they were using crashed during the show?

With the scheduled day of the stream rapidly approaching, they felt like there weren’t reliable solutions to those potential concerns.

That’s where we came in.


A Partner You Can Trust

REP hopped on a video call with the Joy Experience team to walk through their request and all of their technical concerns. The way that we saw it, it was their responsibility to create content that would resonate with their client’s audience… and it was ours to make sure that the live stream went off without a hitch. REP Digital has plenty of experience live streaming virtual events, so we knew that we could take the stress of the technical concerns off of the client’s plate so that they could focus on what’s most important: attendee engagement. We provide “Peace of Mind” packages at affordable prices to manage live streams of pre-recorded content to any platform, and they took us up on our offer.

After that first call, Joy Experience was convinced that we could do the job.

They sent us the video files, walked us through the show flow, coordinated with us to create the Microsoft Teams event, and then left the content in our hands. We delivered, and the stream reached all attendees without any issues.


Solutions for Any Potential Technical Issue

Live streaming is a complicated, stressful process for those unaccustomed to doing it. REP Digital provides technical solutions and support for all potential issues to give clients the much-needed, valuable peace of mind that their show will stream smoothly.

With Joy Experience and all of our other clients, we have consultation phone calls in advance of the show — and a rehearsal, when needed — to ensure that all concerns are addressed up front and nothing is left to chance.

During a live stream, we make sure that we have redundant solutions for everything: all streams run over high-speed Ethernet with a bonded cellular network backup, so that if our Internet connection ever goes out, the stream will automatically run uninterrupted over available cellular data. We run streams from multiple computers, monitor content on multiple devices in various locations across the country, and run backup generators when needed to make sure that no matter what happens, the show will go on.

That provides peace of mind that our clients can rely on.

Reach your people. Let us worry about the technical details. Contact for more information today.