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Live Streaming


Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have trusted the REP Digital team to live stream virtual conferences, meetings, and events across a variety of platforms: Facebook Live, Microsoft Teams, YouTube and more. REP offers a dynamic array of live streaming solutions at a variety of price points to accommodate any scope of request. When it comes to live-streamed virtual events, REP can handle everything from show flow development to remote video content production to custom graphics, and can stream it to any platform with stable high-speed Internet backups that provide clients with peace of mind.

Live Streaming Events

Some companies just need the security of knowing that a trusted partner is managing the live stream of their virtual event so that they don’t have to worry about the technical details. Others want their virtual event to be creatwd from the ground up in collaboration with an experienced video marketing agency. We’ve done both, and everything in between.

Below are three examples of live-streaming events that the REP Digital team has managed: one in which a client came to us with a pre-recorded event for us to stream, another that needed our technical support in-person and online to stream a meeting to teams across the United States, and another in which we created and consulted on everything from showflow, video content production, scriptwriting, editing, graphics creation, and streaming. Check out these case studies to get a sense of what REP Digital can do for you.

Joy Experience, a global event company, had a 3.5-hour virtual event filmed, edited, and ready to go. They just needed a partner to stream it live to Microsoft Teams.

  • REP Digital offers a “Peace of Mind” live streaming package for situations like this. We have the technology and experience needed to make any live stream a success.
  • Before the show, we rehearsed the stream to make sure that there would be no technical issues. Then, we created a branded “holding” slide to play while viewers waited for the show to begin.
  • During the event, we used redundant high-speed Internet solutions to make sure that the stream would never fail, bringing peace of mind to Joy Experience and their client.
  • The event was successfully streamed to viewers across the United States and beyond.


Read more about the Joy Experience live stream here.

Dine Brands, the parent company of iHop and Applebee’s, is headquartered in Glendale, CA. They wanted their quarterly team meetings to be broadcast live to team members in Kansas, North Carolina, and beyond. That’s where REP Digital came in.

  • The REP team set up cameras in the event hall and had an editor switch between those camera feeds, PowerPoint slides, and pre-made video content live during each quarterly meeting.
  • We ran through a full rehearsal of each meeting before the official show time in order to get all of the timing cues and audio mix dialed in.
  • Then, each show was edited live and streamed to Dine Brands’ employees across the United States and Canada.
  • Occasionally, we would dial in employees from other offices during the show to add in new audience participation. Any time that a new request was sent our way, we found a solution to make it happen.


Read more about Dine Brands’ quarterly team meetings here.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s annual Gen Blue Experience conference went fully virtual in 2020. This custom virtual event was our largest to date, and it did not disappoint.

  • We worked with the client from the very beginning of the planning process. REP was tasked with creative ideation and production planning for all video content for the show.
  • The scope of content creation for Virtual Gen Blue was huge: in-person video productions in Bellevue, WA; East Hanover, NJ; and Los Angeles, CA. Editors in New York, NY; Nashville, TN; and Kearny, NJ. iPhone kits and remote recording software sent out to people across the United States for recording keynote speeches and topical conversations. The REP team juggled all of these moving pieces and more to make it happen.
  • The live stream itself was epic in scope: a 90-minute pre-edited general session, a “happy hour” edited live — speeches, musical performances, and so much more.
  • The show was a massive success: 5.6 million social impressions. 26,000 unique viewers. 3,000+ comments. And the #1 attended Gen Blue Experience ever. That’s pretty awesome.


Read more about Virtual Gen Blue here.


We are Experts

Live streaming is a complex operation, and clients come to us with many different questions as they start to plan their shows. What is the best platform to stream to? How do I make sure that our event continues if the stream’s primary Internet connection goes out? How do I add custom, branded graphics and unique video content into my show? Do I really need to do the show “live,” or can I pre-record it and stream it as if it’s live?

We’ve been there, done that, and can answer all of these questions and more with success stories to back that knowledge up. And if you’re wondering about the first question, here’s some free advice to get you thinking about your next event:




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