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Middle-of-the-Funnel: Product and/or Service Catalog

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Blog


Okay, so you’ve successfully raised awareness, and now customers are engaging with your brand. But just because an ideal customer is interacting with your brand, doesn’t mean they have a purchase intent.

Middle-of-the-Funnel videos need to nurture that relationship and begin to move them toward a purchase decision. These videos still need to educate and entertain, but they also must introduce more information about your brand’s products and services.

Engage & Educate Buyers

For high-ticket sales, this stage is particularly tricky because customers become very critical. And for good reason – they have high standards when spending tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

So for high-ticket solutions brands not only need to provide information, they must state and show the value their products and services generate. So what can marketers do to create content that engages customers, educates them and proves the value of their products and services?

Product Catalog

Our client Raymond didn’t want to make the decision of buying high-ticket equipment ambiguous or time-consuming. So they partnered with us to create a video product catalog of their entire line of lift trucks.

Each of the 15 videos are stylized product demonstrations, highlighting each lift truck’s key features and benefits – or each product’s unique selling proposition. And the dynamic, cinematic visuals resembling a car commercial paints the brand in the superior light their customers expect.

Nurture the relationship

These videos nurtured the relationships Raymond started with the Spotlight video at the top of the funnel. They aligned Raymond’s solutions with those who are in need of their products, while also meeting the critical standards of their buyers.

Product and/or service videos such as these are tremendous resources for

  • Continuing the conversation through the buyer’s journey.
  • Great for email campaigns with potential customers already engaging with your brand.
  • Excellent mobile sales tools for personnel in the field.