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Editing, Motion Graphics, Animations, Virtual Sets, Digital Asset Management… we do it all.

Our post-production team excels at crafting compelling stories out of interview footage and b-roll. We’ve also given our editors footage of executives against green screens and gotten back clips of those same people sitting behind a flashy news desk, or floating in outer space. No matter the creative direction or source material, one theme unites all of our editing and post-production work: visual storytelling is our specialty. Whether that’s done through traditional footage editing, motion graphics, animations, or live stream editing during a virtual event, REP Digital has you covered.


REP Digital offers footage editing services, 2D and 3D animations, composited virtual sets, live event stream editing, motion graphics, corporate logo animations, and digital asset management to all of our clients. Whether our team captures the raw footage during production or it is provided to us by our clients, our creative directors and editors can piece together a compelling story in a variety of ways, in a variety of resolutions, formats, and aspect ratios depending on which platforms that they are intended to be watched on.


Footage Secure

Your footage is safe with us. We securely store all footage and editing files on multiple systems to ensure that we can access them again in the future if the need arises. REP Digital also offers Digital Asset Management services to help clients develop a searchable database of their footage, which can be extremely valuable when clients have a vast library of existing videos or plans to reuse footage repeatedly in the future. Lastly, REP offers services to “future-proof” video projects. We have the ability to take existing HD projects and deliver 4K masters back to clients, to ensure that videos old and new meet the standards that digital video consumers will come to expect in the coming years.


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