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Agent records video inside of a home listing for real estate marketing purposes

Create customized content faster with brand-approved video templates

Key takeaways:

  • Video plays a vital role in real estate marketing.
  • Ready-to-use templates let you easily create new, personalized content without starting from scratch.
  • Templates make it simple to reinforce branding guidelines.

It’s a familiar saying – content is king. A more useful and accurate way to put this is that story is king. The better you tell your story – the story of your company, the story of your properties, the story of your satisfied customers – the more people will want to hear, and eventually become part of it.

So whether we call it content or story, the goal is ultimately the same – tell it in a compelling way to find new client leads and stay ahead of your competitors. Ready-to-use video templates are a key tool in making this happen.

Below, we will address the challenges inherent in producing engaging, high-quality video content for real estate marketing, and how video templates can greatly speed up the process.

The vital role of video in real estate marketing

A well-made real estate video can be invaluable for franchisees and potential buyers. Whether it’s magnificent vistas shot by a drone that cost upward of $50,000 or a simple walk-thru recorded on a phone, video gives clients a chance to see your properties up close. It’s found on all kinds of listings, be it high-end mansions or affordable apartments. For many, it’s their first impression of your properties.

Here’s what video can do for your franchise:

  • Boost a property’s visibility. Listings with video drive 403% more inquiries. 
  • Find the best leads. It’s not enough to attract a large crowd to your property; you also want those visitors to be potential buyers. A line out the door is great, but if many aren’t actually interested in making an offer, it’s time and effort better spent elsewhere. A virtual video tour gives buyers a preview so that they can self-select out of an in-person visit. This may make for a shorter line, but one that is more invested in your property, and up to 40% fewer wasted viewings.
  • Expand the number of potential buyers. Many interested buyers can’t visit your property in person, due to various complications, including lack of child care, a busy work schedule, or living out of state. Video tours allow them access that wouldn’t have been possible just a few short years ago. And, it pays off— nearly 90% of potential buyers will give more consideration to a property that has a video tour, and 55% will buy it solely based on that, without an in-person visit. Plus, 83% of Millennials and 94% of Gen Z would switch agents to one who offers immersive 3D tours. On the other side of the transaction, 73% of homeowners will consider listing with a realtor that uses video.

There are some challenges when producing consistent, quality video content, however, including money and time constraints. Even though it’s doable to create a video on a phone and post it on social media, it can be challenging to film exteriors and larger properties and stick to brand guidelines. It’s important to carve out a budget for these larger video needs, taking into account any equipment and talent that you may need. But, don’t let that discourage you. For the vast majority of video needs, it’s easier than ever to create amazing experiences with simple, off-the-shelf tools.

The benefits of ready-to-use video templates

No matter your level of experience with video content creation for real estate marketing, ready-to-use templates are an essential tool in bringing your ideas to fruition. They can streamline the process, particularly for busy real estate franchisees.

Every video has certain essential components – intros, outros, transitions, visual effects, and voiceovers. Instead of creating each of these elements from scratch for every video, they can easily be templated, then dragged and dropped wherever needed.

In addition to ease of use, there are several other benefits to using video templates:

  • They save time. When you develop videos from scratch, you can spend hours brainstorming, writing, storyboarding, shooting, cutting, and then planning begins for the next one. Templates allow you to accomplish all of this in far less time. Simply plug in text, images, and clips at certain points and your video is ready to go, all formatted and edited.
  • They save money. It’s pricey to hire an outside firm or filmmaker to produce your video, and there can be significant up-front costs if you decide to buy your own equipment. Templates take care of the back-end work and allow you to put that money to better use.
  • They reinforce company branding. You can customize the design elements of templates, making sure that every video contains the same branding, so every video has a consistent impact on audiences.

Several types of templates are well-suited to real estate marketing:

  • Property showcases. This gives an overview of the property design, layout, and features that make it unique. This lets people get a feel for the place and helps them decide whether to make the trip to see it in person. If they live out of state, it lets them consider a property that otherwise might be too far away.
  • Agent introductions. The best way to connect with potential buyers is to introduce your company and team. An agent introduction shows the human being behind the listing and, in their own voice, lets them tout their experience and passion.
  • Client testimonials. Although it’s important that your audience gets to know your team, it’s just as essential that they hear from satisfied customers. Nothing can replace a happy homeowner telling their success story with your firm.

These examples are only a handful of the wide variety of services that customizable templates can provide, including live Q&As or home renovation explainers.

When creating brand stories through video, branding guidelines must be followed for real estate franchises. Let’s look at strategies for personalizing video templates to align with a real estate brand’s identity and messaging

Promoting brand identity through customized templates

One of the benefits of ready-to-use video templates is the ability to reinforce brand identity through customization. The real estate marketplace is crowded and it’s challenging for a firm to rise above the noise and carve out a distinct voice. You may offer remarkable client service and a robust collection of properties but you also need to captivate with a first impression that shows who you are right out of the gate. Video is a great way to make this happen!

But for templates to be effective, they need to include your brand’s key elements:

  • Logo. This is the key touchstone of any brand identity. It allows customers to identify you immediately and know your value.
  • Colors. The colors should remain consistent throughout all design elements. Most brands pick a primary color and a few additional colors.
  • Fonts and typography. As with color, one primary font should appear on all materials, as well as secondary typefaces that have clear rules around size, bold, italics, color, and spacing.

So, how do you make videos stand out and have staying power?

  • Start strong. Conventional wisdom says you have up to seven seconds to grab an audience’s attention. Use it wisely and lead with a strong property image or an amazing feature.
  • Create an emotional bond. The words you use to describe your properties are key to establishing trust and connection, whether they come from voiceovers or simply text on a screen. Look at the videos your competitors put out, as well as in other industries, and take note of what hits emotionally for you.
  • Give your audience a voice. Prospective customers are far more likely to make a purchase – be it real estate, electronic, or vegan doughnuts – if they see a testimonial that sings its praises. Satisfied homeowners talking about their positive experience with your brand will have a far greater impact than any marketing copy you pull together.

The importance of customization in differentiating your brand in a competitive market cannot be overstated. Luckily, video templates make this task far easier and faster than ever before.

Integration of video templates into your campaigns

Here are some best practices to effectively incorporate templated videos into your firm’s digital marketing strategy:

  • Social media. Many social platforms give priority to posts that feature “native video” (video that you upload yourself, rather than linking to it from another site) so the more consistently you incorporate it into your campaigns, the more likely it is to reach a wider audience.
  • Mobile. People consume more content on their phones than ever before. Opt-in SMS marketing is an ideal place to give a quick video preview of your properties to an audience that increasingly expects content to find them wherever they are.
  • Email. Although email is the aging veteran of content marketing, it is still a vital way to reach an audience. Video drives up engagement by prompting more clicks and keeping people invested in your firm.

Video content also enhances your firm’s SEO and drives more traffic to individual listings. It can drive up your ranking in search results, particularly if you embed them on your site and have a robust presence on YouTube. Video also increases the chance that a potential client will make you their first call. And once they do, clients tend to stay with you.

Accelerate your content creation

Ready-to-use video templates help real estate professionals create professional-quality video with a fraction of the time and cost. Your operations will see increased engagement and heightened brand awareness, both of which will make your franchisees far more successful and satisfied in their work.

As with all digital content, it can be challenging for those new to the medium to know where and how to get started. Luckily, there’s Morpheus Marketplace, the world’s most scalable video customization solution. 

Morpheus lets local agents enhance brand-approved video templates to include their personal contact information, custom music, images of local landmarks, and even the colors of a local sports team. Morpheus also allows users to size and scale their videos for posting on any social media platform. And, it’s all done through a simple interface that’s modeled after e-commerce platforms, so it’s immediately familiar and intuitive to most users.

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