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by | May 10, 2017 | Blog


Working in communications can sometimes make you feel like your advertising tactics are just not making an impact. While they are most likely conveying the proper message and resonating with some of your target demographic, we do not blame you if you want to make more of a splash. We were inspired by a recent advertisement from Patricia Houlihan, a Vancouver real estate agent and lawyer, who was sick of blending in.

By breaking so many conventions, she not only placed a great ad but was also able to create some buzz around her business. As an established professional, this was the right move for her and it might just be for you.

If you have a strong brand that needs a new injection of energy, a flashy new campaign that leaves people scratching their heads could be less of a risk and more of a smart choice. As long as it appeals to consumers by using humor, colorful imagery or shock value, you’re sure to have a winner. Just be sure it does not alienate your current customer base. Bonus points if you can also ride the wave of a current cultural issue without getting too political, just like Shiseido did in this advertisement for their Tokyo market.

By tiptoeing on the line, these advertisements are not offensive, but will definitely not go unnoticed. Cutting through the clutter is no easy task, but in order to garner a wider audience, you have to make an effort. While it definitely is not a traditional approach, this series put a new spin on Kate Spade’s traditional campaign strategy.

While these strategies may not work for all companies, a fresh, bold take on your marketing methods will not only give you an advantage but expand your relevancy to a wider market. You need to think of off-brand marketing as less of a risk and more of an opportunity to show a unique, fun, quirky and creative part of your brand.