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by | Apr 15, 2017 | Blog

While creating video content can be daunting, there are surefire ways to determine if you are heading in the right direction. We’ve compiled a few simple tips for you to consider, whether this is the first or fiftieth piece of content you have generated for your brand.

1. Start with the basics
Know your strategy. Don’t even begin to dream up grand ideas until you have determined the basic who, what, when, where and why of your marketing approach. If you create a great piece of content but it turns out it flies way over your consumers head, then it was not an effective use of your marketing dollars. Same principle goes for placement, ideation and execution. It all has to line up and relate to the content’s original purpose.

2. Shoot for success
Make the most of your production budget. By integrating dynamic camera angles and movements, you can boost the look and feel of your content without having to up the entire budget. These touches make it look more professional, with only a small amount of extra effort required. Stock footage and B-roll can also put the finishing touches on your video by adding an extra dimension your audience is sure to appreciate.

3.Take advantage of the versatility of video
While video can be the most powerful, descriptive and motivating marketing tool out there, if you are only using

it for selling purposes, you are not unlocking its full potential. Video can make better introductions, expedite new personnel training and communicate business practices. The Dollar Shave Company took the opportunity to introduce the concept and power behind their company with this quick and witty video that showcases who they are and what they are about.

4. Feature strong main characters
Give your brand a face. Think of how you can take an aspect of your company and use it to better connect with your consumer. Taking a character, animal or social object and attaching it to your marketing can create a more personal experience for the viewer.

5. Look to your core values for inspiration
Video brings your core values to life. While the end goal is to promote your product or service, consumers have a deeper desire to buy into the lifestyle and principles that led you to create your company in the first place. We love what Dove has been able to do with the Real Beauty Campaign and how Chipotle was able to show us what makes “real food” important.

6. Know the time and place
Video needs the right vehicle in order to be successful. The best content can be completely overlooked if you have not chosen the right venue. Know how to match your content to your constituency. Did you create a vertically oriented, ten-second blast aimed at teens? Snapchat could be perfect! LinkedIn? Not so much. Know when your video content is no longer relevant to your company. Outdated content weakens your brand identity. Keeping a curated image will be what puts your brand on top.

7. Get a professional to write the script
All great video content starts out on paper. Without the right people to guide it to the screen, your message can get lost in the process. Post-production cannot fix scripting issues. Knowing how to most clearly and concisely communicate your vision will save you time and money in the end. With a well-written script, the rest of the production team will grasp your concept and be able to send it to the screen. Leave the script writing to the professionals and save time and money.