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by | May 25, 2017 | Blog


While a traditional approach to marketing can reach a large audience and generate buzz, you may be misplacing your resources. Experiential marketing allows the consumer to interact with and access your brand in new ways which can create a stronger bond between the audience and the product. This connection puts your company ahead of the competition and allows your customer to gain insight into your brand.

When looking into how best to approach experiential marketing, look for a medium where consumers can co-create with the brand, by utilizing the features of social media. This can provide a big impact on its own. However, more established brands may want to consider all their buzz-generating options on and offline or utilize a hybrid of the two.

Something original will stand out to customers. Be unique, fun and different. Use every single medium at your disposal to broadcast the event, so you aren’t left with 500 impressions instead of 500 million. For reference, Applebee’s Taste of Change event at Times Square was a very successful campaign.

Conveying a press event online allows consumers who would not normally experience the event to take part via an online platform. This brings your entire constituency an unforgettable experience while minimizing costs and maximizing impact. A good experiential marketing campaign does more than reach people, it makes a difference in the way they view your brand. It starts with a key idea that not only can gain traction with the public, but can also cut through the advertising clutter of today’s market. A true guerrilla tactic demands attention and generates a strong call to action.

A winning campaign must break all the boundaries of what the public considers revolutionary, and elicit a genuine response. Conservative approaches often lead to lackluster results. By taking a risk and implementing a new marketing plan, you will be rewarded with consumer engagement and authentic responses to your brand message.