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by | Apr 18, 2017 | Blog

While running a non-profit in today’s world can be a daunting task, there are certain practices you can implement to make your cause stand out from the crowd.

Due to the sheer number of charities vying for the attention and spare change of the public, their support is tricky to obtain. One way to grab audience attention is to build their trust by providing your constituency with a strong, working understanding of how your non-profit will function. Video captures the motives, dreams and aspirations behind the cause.

By utilizing video, you can tell a story and show how your idea for a non-profit materialized into social change. “How did you get started? Why is this cause near to your heart?” These are both questions you can answer with video. Take a look at how the Girl Scouts of America captured their story in under four minutes.

Video helps create a personal connection that photos, speeches or presentations cannot. A video provides the impact that is required in order to garner funding and help to spread the word about the cause. Due to their shareable nature, videos are ideal for social media marketing. People can view them almost instantaneously on their feed or timeline and share with a click of a button. Social Media makes it simple for the viewer to share the video with their friends, who in turn, could be your newest marketer. It is not only a three-minute consumer education video, it is a tool. Turn your supporters into channels for reaching new donors with video content.

Building relationships with viewers through video will generate strong, lasting support and, in turn, help make the world a better place.