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Why Production Quality is Critical to The Success of Video Marketing

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Blog

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Good storytelling is what drives a successful video campaign. And a major component of why this video is so successful is the production quality. Your audience wants to know that you take your brand as seriously as you expect them to and having a polished video visually communicates how highly you value your brand to consumers.


Video campaigns are statistically successful

Relying on a new medium for ad campaigns can often feel like a risky endeavor. Fortunately, the potential for a video campaign to drastically boost the success of a company has already been shown.

Brands like Chipotle and Dollar Shave Club drove their initial growth with unique video ads, and both are now titans of their respective industries. And with Facebook drawing ever closer to YouTube in terms of video usage – a Facebook executive stated recently that they predict the platform to be all video in just five years – the market for video is larger than ever. Due to this increasing market size, more video advertisements than ever are being uploaded to sites such as Facebook and YouTube. As a result of this saturation, viewers will naturally lean toward high-quality videos with compelling stories and good production value, a staple of successful video campaigns in the digital age.

It’s true that videos, particularly well-produced ones, are an investment. However, video ads have far better long-term ROI than either slideshow or image ads. One study found that the ROI on their video ads was 43.5 percent better than the ROI on their image ads when it came to generating leads.

Statistics like these make it not only worth investing in videos, but also worth strongly considering outsourcing the creation of your videos to filmmakers that specialize in video marketing.


Video ads need good production quality in order to pay off

However, all the potential for success in the world means nothing if you fail to utilize it properly, which is where production quality comes in. Since video campaigns are usually the first interaction a potential customer or client will have with your business, you want a good first impression. And a good first impression means not skimping on production.

Poor production quality gives off a negative, cheap impression of your brand. Moreover, if the video image quality, audio, or storytelling is bad, it takes away from the story and the message you are trying to convey. If a viewer abandons your video because of poor quality, you’re defeating the purpose of creating the video to begin with. We can return here to the video for Century 21 Real Estate showcased earlier – it succeeds only because the video image quality, audio, and, most importantly, the storytelling all synthesize with one another to create one cohesive brand image and viewing experience.

When creating a video, think about it like this: All parts are important to the sum. All elements must be taken into consideration, including good lighting, audio, writing, and editing.



The video advertising market is larger than ever – Facebook alone has 1.15 billion daily users accessing the site via mobile devices alone – and video ads can skyrocket a company’s profit margins when utilized correctly. However, much like Rome, a good video isn’t built – or filmed – in a day. In order to be maximally effective, videos must encompass great storytelling, production value, and execution.

If you’re struggling to create videos that you feel truly represents your brand, we’d love to help! At REP Digital, we specialize in providing brands with high-quality, cost-effective videos that engage your audience.