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Why Your Business Needs a Corporate Video Library

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Blog


There’s a reason a majority of marketing professionals worldwide consistently name video advertising as the content with the best return on investment (ROI). Various statistics, such as the fact that the number of views of branded video advertising content has increased by more than 258 percent on Facebook in recent years, support this position.

Given its tremendous effectiveness and the high demand for videos, companies who implement a video library are primed to win in the digital economy. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about video libraries and why your company needs to have one.

What is a video library?

As the name suggests, a video library is a repository of videos that act as a source of information about a brand, their products, services or people. They house valuable information customers seek when making a purchasing decision. From brand promotional videos and testimonials to product/service and tutorial/instructional videos, video libraries provide a plethora of critical resources customers take into consideration when making a purchase. Moreover, to feed the insatiable demand for videos, some organization are even going as far as transforming written blogs into video blogs to discuss their industry insights.

What are the benefits of a video library?

Just as there are numerous benefits to video marketing, implementing a video library is advantageous to a company’s sales and marketing endeavors. Video Libraries:

  • Simplify the Sales Process: As a hub of information, video libraries are a central location where both internal and external stakeholders may find answers to their questions. Whether it’s a sales rep searching for videos he or she needs to close a potential client or an independent visitor probing for information, these repositories decrease time and frustrations that come from tireless searching for answers.
  • Improved SEO: Whereas uploading a video to YouTube or Facebook does nothing to improve a brand’s SEO, creating a strong video library significantly rewards your website. Video has countless benefits to improve a websites SEO, and by using a video library you’re improving your site’s appearance on the search engine results page and the opportunity to generate website traffic.
  • Increased Time On Site: In addition to improving SEO, internal linking to related videos is an effective strategy to increase a user’s average time on site. Prominent authorities recommend adding videos to increase the time users spend on your website because videos are one of the most effective and engaging forms of content. There’s a reason why one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube a day – they keep linking to related videos.

Ways you can utilize your video library

If we continue on our current trajectory, we may very well be on our way to the day an entire website (or any other channel of information for that matter) is entirely video communications. Until that day, however, here are some of the common methods for implementing a video library:

  • Product or Service Video Catalog: Whether its product demos or service descriptions, a library of videos where clients may find answers to their questions is an invaluable asset for creating a simplified buying journey.
  • Tutorial or Instructional Videos: Tutorial or instructional videos are an excellent method for easily and effortlessly transferring knowledge.
  • Testimonials: It’s no secret that testimonials are powerful for creating trust with potential customers. But customer testimonial videos are even more compelling because they feature a real person that your intended audience can easily relate to.
  • Video Blogs: Showing your industry expertise will always be important. However, as the manner in which we consume information changes, so too must we change to meet those demands. Video blogs provide a method for continuing to show our industry prowess while providing audiences with valuable insight and information.

Final Thoughts

In short, there are a number of benefits to having a video library for your company. Video libraries simplify the sales process or a customer’s purchasing decision, improve a website’s SEO, and increase the average time a user spends on site. Video catalogs, tutorials/instructional and testimonial videos, as well as video blogs are all fanstatic vehicles to engage your intended audience by providing them with valuable insight and information.

All of these factors and more make video libraries a must-have feature for any company seriously seeking to remain relevant and profitable in the coming years.

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